Friday, September 20, 2013

5 for Friday

Happy Friday! 
This week we're linking up again with Doodle Bug teaching for her weekly linky party :) Here's whats on my mind this week.

1. MEALWORMS. I feel like these things never change into beetles. Seriously. Mine always shrivel up and die. What am I doing wrong?? Good thing my kids never really realize that-- they just think they are "shedding their skin" ..... still.

2. Everyday Math. Does your school use EDM? At the beginning of the year I am always STRUGGLING to get my 2nd graders able to complete the activities and the workbook without LOTS of help from me.  I really think it takes until December for the students (and teacher) to stop feeling stressed about this program and start seeing the benefits. By the end of the year, I LOVE it! In the fall...not so much.

3. What a cute idea from Cara Carroll! She made coinapillars with coin clip art that the students count up. I have a bunch of coin stampers in different amounts and decided to let them make their out coinapillars with varying amounts. It made for a great math center while I was helping with those workbooks!

4. Another fun math center! I am always striving to make math center really fun and engaging (with an accountability piece as well) so that I can really focus on helping kids/reteaching instead of monitoring behaviors during math centers.  We don't typically do measurement for another couple months but this is an easy way to get them familiar with the idea and vocab :)

5. Self portraits. This is one of my favorite things to do in the beginning of the year. I love hanging them up on the wall with their names as a little display of "our class." I do them at the end of the year as well and then send them home together so parents can see the growth. WOW! A child's growth can REALLY been seen through their artwork.

and 6. (can I do a #6??) I can't wait to spend my weekend up north with my family! I mean, look how pretty Traverse City is in the fall :) I have a feeling it's going to a good one.

Hope you have a good one too :)

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  1. We use mealworms as well. Are you adding the food? Someone suggested orange/clementine peels are best, along with banana peels. And are you adding water too? That science unit makes me so nauseous! Also, are you transferring them out of the container to another container? That helped as well.

    We use EDM too...I love it but it takes a while for the kids to get in the groove of the routines and rituals.

    You have a great blog!

    1, 2, Eyes On You!